Project Links

  • NYNJTC- The New York New Jersey Trail Conference. Our partners in this project. They take responsibility for maintaining the AT for its full length through NY and NJ.
  • PIPC-The Palisades Interstate Park Commission. This is the agency primarily responsible for Bear Mountain State Park.
  • Geology- Harriman Rocks -- A geologic tour of the park by the Rutgers geology.
  • Historic Photos- From American Memory at the Library of Congress.
  • Bear Mountain for Tourists- Here's how tourists might see it.
  • Trail Building Books- From the folks at TrailBuilders.Org
  • Bear Mountain Photos- Some pictures of the area. But you'd better not use them without permission.
  • Appalacian National Scenic Trail- The official site from the National Park Service.
  • Appalacian Trail Conference- The NGO that takes responsibility for the trail as a whole.
  • The Vision of Benton MacKaye- creator of the Appalachian Trail whose many ideas for the trail were printed in: Original Article: MacKaye, B. (1921). 'An Appalacian Trail: A project in Regional Planning'. Journal of the American Institutes of Architects, October.
  • Main St. Design- A consultant on interpretive design who will be making a contribution to the project.
  • Plant Species- A list detailing the botanic abundance of Bear Mountain. Specifics are listed separately for Popolopen Mountain and Gorge and along the AT in Sterling Forest and near the Little Dam Lake.
  • Appalacian Mountain Club- "America's oldest conservation and recreation organization"
  • Pochuck Quagmire Trail Bridge- You've heard about it in school, now you can learn all of the details and see it too.
  • Tour Guide in Your Car- A virtual tour of Bear Mountain and beyond. Be sure to see the Palisades, too. All of these features contribute to the experience of visiting Bear Mountain.