The process that our class took for redesigning the Appalachian Trail was complex and painstaking yet it gave us the proper understanding that was necessary to work with such a large scale area. In order to tackle such a site, we needed to divide into groups, which involved a high level of communication and cooperation. Because so many different organizations were interested in seeing this project move ahead, we had to involve them in the design process.  The best and most efficient way of doing this was to hold two public charettes, one at Rutgers University and another at Bear Mountain.  From these charettes we got feedback on what the participants liked and what needed to be changed. The final synthesis step was to bring all of the pieces together and come up with a final product.



The Process Booklet

A booklet outlining the entire design process.


Before and After- 3-D Fly-Through of the Appalacian Trail and Realignments

Trail Realignments- 3-D Fly-Through

Creating the Music- Live video