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Map of Trails

Initial Trail Realignment Recommendations


3-D Fly-Through of Trails

The Map of Trails draped over a three-dimensional model of Bear Mountain.
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Arrival Sequence-
• Lower barriers to people with disabilities by providing multiple ways to arrive at Bear Mountain.
• Provide alternative transportation by train, ferry, car, or shuttle to different plants on the site in order to diversify the arrival experience.
• Provide shuttles from other places to Bear Mountain such as Anthony Wayne parking lot or Harriman train station.

• Redesign of parking area to funnel people to a new visitor center
• Trees and a special paving pattern pleasantly lead visitors safely
• Shuttles from other parking areas and train stations decrease cars and promote alternate transportation

Trail Head
• Trailhead by the Inn with a visitor center
• Different trail junctions to provide information

User Groups
• Different loops for varying levels from novice to expert
• Loops will conjoin for different users to meet

Trail Realignment
• Reused parts of existing roads and trails

Environmental Impact
• Parking lots with porous pavement, trees, and a bio-swale
• Low-impact trail heads
• Visitor center will educate people on environmental issues



Poster 1 and Poster 2

Arrival Sequence
• Utilize indigenous erratic stones and native plantings to enhance arrival sequences
• Use welcome gardens and plantings to drive people to chosen destinations
• Make a Master Trail head that houses brochures, information on trails, and displays to orient people to the various destinations around the mountain and the park
• Use educational and informational signage on stone to direct visitors

• Plant native trees and shrubs in the main parking area in order to funnel people into the next sequence
• Welcome gardens to keep visitors from wandering without directions

Trail Head
• Create a master trail head that would be by the Inn and would be in the style of the other buildings on Bear Mountain
• Create small plaques for the trail heads that would be throughout the trails, at the beginning of the trail spurs, and at the beginning of the trails by Hessian Lake

User Groups
• Create a comprehensive trial system with a distinct starting point and a main hub that would be accessible to everyone
• Different trail loops that would have a variety of trail spurs and lengths, as well as different levels of difficulty

Trail Realignment
• South and North Option 1

Environmental Impact
• Different trail designs for different ecosystems
• All indigenous furniture and erratic stones



Arrival Sequence
• Redesign entrance flow to parking lot for a more direct route
• Shuttle service from Anthony Wayne parking area to Bear Mountain with tour guide
• Direct visitors to visitor center and then onto to the trail utilizing a paving pattern

• Easier access to overflow parking
• Redesign entrance parking lot with trees and planting
• Increase parking lot at 7 Lakes Drive with trail junction at the 1777 and the AT that will give people another place to park

Trail Head
• Three trail heads at the summit, bottom of trail junctions and parking lot 7 Lakes Drive
• Trail heads will be large enough to demand presence and will have information, brochures and seating in kiosks

User Groups
• Designs to suit many user groups by varying accessibility, language, and difficulty
• Keep the At for the through hikers and overlap with accessible loops for other groups
• New kiosks and visitor center and educational signs on the loops
• Education center would be located on the spot where the current bathroom's reside and accommodating to all types of activities.
• Outreach programs in schools and youth groups
• Accommodaton for making brochures for other trails by areas of interest

Trail Realignment
• East face option 1, south face option 2, and realigned trail at the Inn
• Loops at the summit and base

Environmental Impact
• Design the new loops on existing paved areas instead of creating new pavement
• Use closed section of Perkins Memorial and around Hessian Lake
• Restore old unused trails


The Great Escape

Poster 1, Poster 2, and Poster 3

Arrival Sequences
• Different arrival sequences for different hikers delineated with signage and information centers.

• Expanding the parking lot at 7 Lakes Drive

Trail Head
• Keep the trail heads at the north and south entrance minimal to not disrupt hikers
• Create a central trail head at the Inn to appease the day hikers and a 3-D display of the mountain that will be a beacon to people at the base and help to orient and interest them to hike the mountain

User Groups
• Create a challenge for the serious hikers right from the start
• Trails will take people through many different ecological areas
• Create the ultimate trail
• Appease serious hikers with waterfalls, challenging trails, and unique trail construction
• Utilize the best of Bear Mountain

Trail Realignment
• Users would create the trail themselves with guidance from experts

Environmental Impact
• Use the ATC guidelines that follow a natural, minimalist approach
• Educate hikers in order to lessen the damage to the trail and the mountain
• Hiking tutorials at the trail heads to aid in education and more resposible trail use




Arrival Sequence
• Propose very clear, strong arrival sequences with icons of the mountain and mini towers at key points
• Address the circle by putting plantings and a mini tower to strengthen the arrival for new comers
• Focal points will lead people to the parking lot, which has a proposed redesign to incorporate more plants and to allow for more space

• Redesign parking lot to accommodate more cars
• Suggest underground parking deck for future consideration that would ease congestion without paving more green space

Trail Head
• Propose large trail heads and overhead structures and plantings to draw people in
• Large seating areas will be in there trail heads for gatherings of people so they can rest or lunch
• Main trail heads at the beginning of the AT, by the Inn, and at the summit

User Group
• Arrival sequences are more powerful and distinct for novices in cars
• Trail designed to be easier and have a good introductory experience, minimal slopes, excellent views, southern exposure for comfort, and extension of safe trail use.
• Different trails for people who want options

Trail Realignment
• Created own options

Environmental Impact
• Greener parking lot, reuse of trails, and rejuvenate old trails


Poster 1, Poster 2, and Poster 3

Arrival Sequence
• Reduce confusion on arrival by eliminating bus entry
• Add additional planting on sequence from parkway entrance
• Move the Trailside Museum to the PIPC building to give people a sense of arrival to the park
• Plant an honorary garden on the arrival at the Inn to give recognition to the volunteers

• Propose planting double rows of trees along the lawn and parking lot to create a visual barrier between the lot and the lawn
• Make the main parking lot one way to quell confusion and add more spaces without increasing lot size
• Eliminate the parking at the top and re-vegetate the summit
• Create a shuttle from PIPC building to the summit and to other various places
• Close part of Perkins Drive to vehicular traffic

Trail Head
• Create a Master trail head where the current AT crosses into the Parade Grounds
• Make a Demo area that will inform visitors of trail construction techniques
• Propose model trail building programs at various places on the mountain to inform visitors
• Mini Perkins Tower will serve as a beacon at the trail head, drawing people from the parking lot ot the honorary garden to the next destination.
• Demonstration sites will take the place of the trail heads on the mountain

User Groups
• Address many user groups to motivate and enlighten them to the volunteers and their effort on the mountain
• Engage the various types of visitors with trail building demonstrations
• Create different focal points at the base and on the mountain to address the different user groups
• Create accessible trail to the summit for people with disabilities

Trail Realignment
• East option 1 and South option 1

Environmental Impact
• Replace the parking lot at the summit with a native garden
• Show people the work of the volunteers in order to spur new volunteers
• Propose an honorary garden that will create more green space
• Follow the standards for sustainable trail construction