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The High Lakes Greenway Vision Plan

This is an on-line presentation of the student work in Rutgers' Department of Landscape Architecture junior studio (11:550:332: Intermediate Landscape Architecture II) from the Spring of 2002.

The project was a joint effort between The Morris Land Conservancy and the Department of Landscape Architecture, with funding from the US Forest Service. It has also benefitted from Highlands work by the Grant F. Walton Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis.

Late in the spring semester the students presented their preliminary work products to the community for comments. The graphics from this presentation are included below.

The presentation is broken into several sections due to its size:

1. INTRODUCTION -- Slideshow

2. WHAT ARE GREENWAYS? -- Slideshow


4. DESIGN SOLUTIONS -- Slideshow

5. CONCLUSIONS -- Slideshow

The presentation was posted online as a means for sharing the draft to solicit comments. We apologize if this hastily posted draft is in any way unclear or misrepresentative of larger issues.

At the conclusion of the semester, two students were hired to combine the 7 different team products into a single comprehensive vision plan. This final vision plan was produced by the Rutgers students andfaculty, and the staff of Morris Land Conservancy.

The final plan was comprised of a report:


And a set maps of the proposed High Lakes Greenway was produced which are summarized in the:


These are included here as PDF files and can be printed for personal use.

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This project was funded through a grant received from the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service and Regional Plan Association as part of the Highlands Regional Study Update.

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