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Visions for a Revolutionary War Center

FINAL PROJECT: This semester we have heard from a variety of voices regarding the possibilities of advancing the earlier Crossroads of the Revolution work towards the potential for a Visitors Center for the War of Independence within Middlesex County.†Some of the voices are a bit vague in what they envision.†Others we have heard are conflicting or contradictory. Many have helped us understand the facts on the ground, the forces behind the scenes, and the perceptions driving the general ideas behind the project.

†For our final design project, we need to sort out these many different inputs and provide a strong designed vision with which the many different parties can identify.

ASSSIGNMENT: To be completed in Teams of 2
Each 2-person design team will need to develop and complete a full vision plan for a Center and the supporting network of places and spaces needed to support a full visitorís experience.†The vision should be far-reaching with regional implications and include reasonably well developed details describing how the plan would be implemented.†Generally, all of the visions will begin with a clear statement of their goals, advance an explanation of lessons learned from the regional and local inventory and analysis processes, present a fully designed Visitors Center Site Plan, and develop a coherent regional Master Plan.†Teams will be responsible for selecting and defending the site for a Center to be built within Middlesex County that is integrated fully into a larger extended experience. It is not expected that the plans will undergo a serious budget test, but your vision should be strong enough to make the jury/clients believe that it is a worthy undertaking. An outrageous proposal may just be rejected; or worse, just ignored. In particular, design teams are encouraged to balance the regional investments with those at the proposed Center so the project does not simply envision a $90 million Morphosis building at the Center matched with grants for the addition of $500 split-rail fences at newly identified historic sites around the region. While the details of the assignment need to be somewhat flexible, to accommodate creative and unexpected solutions, variations from the basic descriptions here will need to be defensible and flow from the nature of the design projectsí identified goals and demonstrate a successful completion of the intent of the assignment.

PRODUCTS: From 6:30 to 9:30 on the evening of December 17th, the class will make a final semi-public presentation at the Scarlet Room in Winants Hall.†The audience for the presentation will be invited experts in landscape architecture, community development and Revolutionary War history.†The primary presentation format will be projected PowerPoint/PDF Binder unless negotiated otherwise, well in advance.

Selected Student's Final Projects (PDFs)