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Site Analysis

picture of park pathway
Much of the American Revolution took place in New Jersey. However, where can we go to learn about and reflect upon the Revolutionary War in NJ?  The battlefields are very specific to a small moment in the war. The memorials that exist are very limited in number and content.  As the Crossroads of the Revolution, New Jersey should have a major Revolutionary War Center.  Your assignment is to conduct a thorough inventory and analysis of a potential site for hosting the Revolutionary War Center.

Program: The program for the site might have to change based on location.  However, the ideal site will serve multiple purposes including, but not limited to:

  • Visitor Center
  • Parking
  • Museum (both interior and exterior)
  • Research and Conference Center
  • Indoors and outdoor teaching areas
  • Launch point for driving tours and excursions
  • Monument or area of contemplation
  • Areas for re-enactments

Visitors will include school groups, out-of-state tourists, scholars, and families on day trips.  All of them will be concerned about access, security and a memorable experience.

Deliverables:  3 24x36 posters and a PDF slide presentation – Both formats should stand on their own

There will be 7 teams

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