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Somerset County Green Maps: Spring 2003

This page contains links to work performed by students in Intermediate Landscape Architecture II (11:550:332) in an attempt to produce GreenMaps of Somerset County. It has been produced by students and should be taken in that context. Despite efforts to make these maps suitable for distribution and publiic use, the data represented in these maps may not be accurate or may not be cited appropriately. Try to remember that there were largely created in only three weeks by relatively new GIS users.

UPDATE: One of our student teams received several awards in the NJ DEP mapping contest NJ DEP Mapping Contest.

ASSIGNMENT: Students were asked to engage in an inventory and analysis process that was disguised as a GreenMap process. While additional information and guidance was offered throughout the project, we did begin with a basic project statement.

There are three sets of maps. Click on each thumbnail to get see a large PDF of the entire map.

The first is a recreation-oriented GreenMap of Somerset County.

Greenmap Greenmap


The second is a Children-oriented GreenMap of Somerset County.

Greenmap Greenmap


The third is a GreenMap of Somerset County that seeks to emphasis the historic, cultural and natural roots of the County.

Greenmap Greenmap

It is our hope that these maps will help you see and experience Somerset County in a different way than you have previously. We would be happy to discuss these further.

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