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Stony Brook - Millstone Watershed

Updated 8.18.2009

Over the semester this class accumulated a lot of information about the future of the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed.  Some of the sources were less useful, or less reliable than some others.  Others presented information that was conflicting or contradictory. Many helped us understand the facts on the ground, the forces behind the scenes, and the perceptions of the watershed and its major features.  For our final design project, students sorted out these many different inputs and provide a strong designed vision with which many different parties could identify.

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Our ultimate goal was to construct a strong Vision Plan for how the Watershed could look in 2050.  As with much of New Jersey, this means trying to construct a plan that actually becomes a stable and workable understanding of that landscape since significant parts of the landscape are already pretty well built out.  Student solutions to the project could include a fairly analytical look at the largest existing problems and barriers to sustainability.  But it also included a larger look at the fit into surrounding landscapes while using site-specific designs to demonstrate the workability of the technologies, densities and concepts upon which the final vision is based.

On projects of this scale it is easy for the mapping component to overshadow the design explorations. But it is important to note that these students engaged in extensive creative thinking about designing alternative outcomes for this important landscape. The results were both some conceptual and some specific ideas about the future role of planning and design in different areas the watershed.

When the dust settled, the group had won awards and still looked happy about the whole thing:

1st Place Newbie of the Year, 1st Place Software Integration, 1st Place Best Overall Non-DEP, 2009 New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Annual Mapping Contest, 16 Student team from 11:550:331 Intermediate Landscape Architecture (

1st Place Most Unique, 2009 New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Annual Mapping Contest, Ed Krafcik, April Maly, Diana Marino, Drew Siglin, Student team from 11:550:331 Intermediate Landscape Architecture (

2010 Merit Award in Analysis and Planning, New Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, “Vision Plan for the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed” given to 11:550:331 Intermediate Landscape Architecture I.


The results shown here are student work and in no way should be considered official representations of the intent of the watershed, university of government agencies..

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