Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Washington DC Historic Map

Regional Planning Links

  • Green Infrastructure -- A student-led effort to develop better information about the Cook/Douglass Campus' open space and environmental issues.
  • RU Cartography Lab -- A great resource with some interesting OLD photos and maps of New Brunswick.
  • Hartman Lab -- Jean Marie Hartman's research.
  • Rutgers Master Plan -- The official web page for Rutgers' master planning efforts.
  • Rutgers Maps -- Online maps of the Rutgers campuses.
  • Rutgers News -- From the Home News and Tribune.
  • Rutgers News -- From the Daily Targum.

  • GreenMap -- an environmentally-oriented participatory mapping system.
  • Green Space Design -- promoting sound practices.

  • geographynetwork -- A place to view and download ESRI compatible datasets.
  • NJ DEP ENDEX -- The Environemtnal Data Exchange.
  • FGDC Clearinghouse -- The mother of all clearinghouses.
  • New Jersey's Spatial Data Clearinghouse -- All sorts of data to download.

  • Intermediate Environmental Geomatics -- A good place to look for GIS materials, information, and exercises.
  • Fundamentals of Environmental Geomatics -- Don't you wish you had paid closer attention the first time?
  • Advanced Environmental Geomatics -- Includes some pretty sophisticated examples of applied projects.In particular you'll want to check out their Green Infrastructure class.

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