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Urban Forestry and Green Maps

This fall 2003 semester focused on the Rutgers campuses in New Brunswick (and Piscataway). The semester began with a rapid inventory process using the GreenMap process as basis for describing the campuses.

Because the semester proceeded at such a rapid pace, none of these materials can be considered final or suitable for public uses (in fact, some are included with known errors). They are presented here simply as examples of student work in the junior studio. These are not a complete representation of the work performed by students. Some projects are not currently available online for technical reasons.

Psuedo-Green Maps (Warning: These are all quite large)

Re-Think Rutgers
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by Harkins, Brunas, Symanski, Felicia, Riofrio, and Avery

A Recreation-oriented GreenMap
[Front] [Back] - PDFs

by Clayton, Donnelly, Etlinger, Malloy, Mandell, Walezak

A GreenMap meant to Orient people new to Rutgers
[Front] [Back] - JPGs

by Chaya, Dennis, D'Agostino, Myung, and Zinn

A Problem-oriented GreenMap
[Front] - JPGs

by Davies, Habeck, Hunton, Kollmar, Motolese, and Rodriguez


A Transportation-oriented GreenMap
[Front] - JPGs

by Cortese, Fountain, Hluchy, Naskret, and Tillett

Urban Forestry Master Plans for Rutgers University

These are offered as online "slideshows" of the final Master Plan booklets. Each was intended as a stand-alone plan for the campus driven by a unique theme or concept.

Plan 1

Plan 2

Plan 3

Plan 4

Plan 5

Plan 6

Plan 7

Plan 8

Plan 9

Plan 10

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